About Us

9-connections is marketed by Evolgence IT Systems located in Hyderabad, India. With 9-connections VOIP service, you make and receive calls through the internet connection using your existing home phones or mobile phones. 9-connections provide a group of profitable VOIP solutions, which include world class quality of VOIP call termination at cost-effective rates. Our mission is to emerge as a major VOIP service provider by integrating telephony system with the present online world.

Evolgence is a pioneer company in creating and delivering strategic IT and mobile enabled business solutions. We specialize in developing software and services for application development and re-engineering products across various technological platforms for leveraged business value.

Our aim is to leave all our clients having experienced extraordinary services from us at all times to achieve that end, we are committed to maintain a level of high performance and set the bench mark for total customer satisfaction in this industry.

Our Main Services



Audio Conferencing allows users from multiple locations to join a single conference and collaborate at the same time...

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Voice BroadCast

Voice broadcasting is the delivery of a pre-recorded voice message to a live person, answering machine or both. It is the most cost...

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Scheduled Greetings

If you urgently need to create a new greeting, but you have only web browser access (no phone available) you can record a new greeting by...

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